Antony Mapfumo

Welcome to my PhD journal.

Hi all! I am Antony Mapfumo, a data communications professional, an Arsenal fan, renewable energy and smart grid advocate and open source software enthusiast. Before starting my PhD I had already mastered data communications for many years, dating back from my data cabling days to network design, network administration and network programming. This was achieved through tertiary education, industry courses and certifications and practical experience. Over the years I found myself interested and concerned about the impact of man-made climate change and ways to reduce it. During one of my many readings I stumbled across the U.S Department of Energy Smart Grid website and I realized that I could contribute towards greenhouse gas emissions reduction by doing research in data communications for the smart grid. To that end, I have embarked on a PhD journey in real-time data communications for the smart grid at Queensland University of Technology. I am happy to combine my data communications expertise and renewable energy interest to come up with an original contribution towards global warming reduction. My thesis is titled “Real-time communications for the distributed control of energy systems”.

On this site I will be journaling bits and pieces that I come across as I do my research, the main ones being based on the IEC 61850 standard, NS-3 (Network Simulator 3), C++, Python and smart grid energy storage systems.